Studies with egg membrane

Various studies both on animals and humans carried out, in order to examine the dosage and effectiveness of eggshell membrane in general:

  • Studies on humans at a dosage of 7.5 and 8 mg per kg of weight/day: Pain relief and improvement of joint stiffness already from day 7 to 10
  • In vitro and in vivo studies to investigate the anti-inflammatory effect under oral administration: Significant reduction of inflammatory cytokines after 7 days
  • Study on dogs at a dosage of 11 mg per kg of weight/day and a treatment duration of 4 weeks: Significant and continuous improvement in joint mobility from the first week up to a maximum improvement on the third week
  • Studies in horses and camels for the investigation of the effect on cartilage composition under oral administration, based on biomarkers: positive effect on the cartilage composition

All of the above facts make eggshell membrane a natural and cartilage-protecting substance which is more effective, healthier and safer, than the combined administration of individual cartilage-protecting substances. In this case, there is a synergistic effect of the organic ingredients, which seems to further enhance the effectiveness. This synergistic effect is not observed for the separate administration of the ingredients.