Joint problems

Differences between arthrosis and arthritis


Arthrosis, also known as joint degeneration, develops insidiously and does not only concern the elderly. Arthrosis begins with a gradual degeneration of articular cartilage. Often, in particular on e.g. hip and knee. In the further course, the joint space becomes narrower, until the bone ends rub directly on one another. In this case, the surrounding bones and ligaments in the joint may also be damaged. Unfortunately, arthrosis is not curable, but its progress can be slowed through appropriate measures such as physiotherapy, a change in diet or nutrition supplements. 
Prevalence of Osteoarthrosis

Source: The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery; Samir Sodha, MD

Arthritis, i.e. joint inflammation, can have numerous causes. The most common form is rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism for short, but bacterial infections or metabolic disorders can also lead to arthritis. Typical symptoms are aching joints, swelling, redness or a limited mobility.
Joint inflammation can generally destroy the affected joint and cause permanent damage. Therefore, arthritis should not be taken lightly and tackled from the start. Seek advice from your doctor. Different treatments are required depending on the type of arthritis.
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